How to Work through the Imperatives

Have you read Book of Imperatives? If you have you know of the benefits it provides for your soul—-contentment, nourishment, and joyfulness.

Imperatives are important messages that you should think about to help the right decisions transpire when necessary.

Although people are not always available to listen to you or to extend a common-sense word that will embrace your spirit, you will have another force to pull you up that hill that seems arduous and unfair to climb all by yourself. That force is Book of Imperatives.

Book of Imperatives is that friend that speaks to you and helps you heal when you need it the most. What’s important about Book of Imperatives is that the message it conveys comes from sages of years ago—Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. . . .Their wise voices have transported into Book of Imperatives. The zeitgeist is different but the wisdom is the same. To help you visualize these important messages from the past, Book of Imperatives has a companion: WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives.

In the WORKBOOK, you have the opportunity to interact with personal and educational exercises that will spark your senses into realms of life to be understood.

You will encounter imperatives for your analyses to fully understand the message conveyed to you, and you will evaluate quotes by the sages aforementioned–Epictetus, Aurelius, Emerson, and King. You will “like” “dislike” or “comment” on their quotes. You will receive word-power while recognizing the perspectives of others; the WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives offers these benefits, plus more.

Moreover, the WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives initiates identical subject matters of its parent Book of Imperatives, such as “Love” “Competition” “Humanity” “Aging” “Prayer”; by reading and writing and thinking about the imperatives, you are sure to strengthen your critical thinking about personal and professional matters—

For savvy children (ages 6-17) pictures abound for their shading and coloring pictures. You never get too old to color; besides, coloring can be therapeutic and can be fun to maximize free time.

Each section of the WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives begins with words to know, pictures to color, imperatives to read, analytical questions to answer, archaic poems to ponder, and evaluations to extend.

Similar to Book of Imperatives, the analytical questions insist that you ponder your own statements to all questions. You must dig deeply to touch the goal each imperative brings to you: “The goal is for you to love and to be happy and to realize there is no difference between joy and love, for one manifest the other” (Imperative 147).

Although WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives is written in adult language, for the vocabulary and sentence structure are mature and equivalent to mind of time, any interested learner could benefit from the imperatives if he or she is willing to think critically on important matters.

De facto, middle school, high school, college institution students could use the WORKBOOK as warmup activities to get their minds ready for their chosen studies.

If you desire to have a companion that will communicate with you in a soulful, satisfying way and wish to work through challenging problems to find easy solutions, you must give WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives a chance to prove its helpfulness.

Indeed, you will be pleased to know there exists a workbook, complementary to the original Book of Imperatives, that gives good advice on situations you face in everyday life. Life can be overwhelming to endure on your own: You need a friend you can trust: WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives.

Take a look above at the pages from WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives: Respond to the analytical statements as shown in the images so that you will receive an idea of the WORKBOOK’s importance: Ask yourself, “Are the ‘imperatives’ worthy of your time?” I pray the answer will be “yes.”

Comment your thoughts below, and thank you for keeping alive the sages’ voices from the past, tweaked for the future, in the voice of the author who wrote both Book of Imperatives and WORKBOOK Book of Imperatives.

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