How to use Stream of Consciousness to Motivate Yourself to Persevere

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How to use Stream of Consciousness to Motivate Yourself to Persevere

Still another day and nothing done. What’s really going on? Why am I not motivated to put action to my ideas? Perhaps my ideas are not clear enough. Perhaps I lack skills— no, no. That’s not it: I have skills. Then, in the blessed name of Marvin Gaye’, “What [the hell] is going on?”

Direction. That’s it: I lack direction. Which way to start? I have not mastered the understanding of direction: I mean, I see directions on a map—North, South, East, West, but how do I apply those directions to the streets? To real life?

You know, I may be on to something here. Perhaps I cannot motivate myself to do what needs to be done because I do not know which direction to take. Hmmm.

Even so, I can’t just sit here, blocking my own traffic. Yes, I can, for a little while. No, no, I can’t. My ‘little while’ has transformed into years. That’s un-look-able (un-look-able? I like that word). How can I look myself in the mirror or in my mind, for that matter? No, no. I must find a way to motivate myself, but how?

What did I used to do to accomplish my goals? I mean, I have accomplished a lot—higher education, production of programs, instruction for others—Ooh, no, wait: Let’s get real.

None of those accomplishments brought living-everyday-success That’s necessary for respectable survival, is not it? (That sounds corny). Still searching for truth. . . Well, what happened to the genuine goals?

Why did [they] not bring about necessary for every-day? Perhaps I pissed off people who could help me? Jealously of others, perhaps, too? No, no. No hubris about myself, really. Just insights.

So, I took the wrong direction again. My feet were on the accelerator too heavily, and I was passing by—No one likes being passed by. Perhaps? No, no, not even I.

So, wrong direction again? What else? What other realizations blocking my path of motivation? My feelings, my expectations, my-my-my ego? Well, that’s foolish. Throw ego out the window. No one cares about ego. Not even I—

Well, what have I read lately to help myself out of this conundrum? Well, according to research—motivation is all the same in significance— motivation is “to be moved to do something.”

I am moved. “Motivation is different for everyone, yes?” For me, motivation is action. It’s that star in the sky I have always been traveling to reach. Okay. I understand that part.

It’s time for new thought and firm action, Persona. My thoughts are visible. Now, what action, my dear? I shall position my mindset in a new direction. I must head north, no looking south. No deviating west or east. Just move north. Okay. I got this.

I will fuel my body-vehicle with tools I need to move north—computer, pen, paper (like stationery close by), cell phone (take notes there), gumption, and grit, and time.

Time?? Make it clear now. Yes, time. My body- vehicle must move within agile time to proceed readily: gumption and grit live within me—used to be—I was lost but now I’m found. [who said that? Is that a song?) . . . In other words, I was lost.

Feel better? Actually, I do. Just writing, rambling helps, just sharing my stream of consciousness . . .

So, Persona, what have I learned about motivating myself?

Well, in a nutshell, the critical lessons to motivate myself are these that shadow—

(1) Ask myself critical questions.

(2) Listen to my heart.

(3) Clear my directions.

(4) Put action to new thought.

(5) Organize my working tools.

(6) Use gumption and grit when maneuvering.

(7) Focus on my purpose.

(8) Share with others, and listen to their perspectives as well.

(9) Begin a journey of motivating myself to achieve my goals and to help others.

(10) Realize that writing and rambling can be motivating. [So, keep thoughts new, and keep action going—].

Well, I suppose it was, indeed, a good idea to just start writing— no rhyme, no cohesion, no direction—just thoughts: thoughts of feelings, feelings of guidance, and guidance for direction.

Cynthia Mathews

Doctor of Education



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