What It Takes to be Curriculum and Instruction Director

What It Takes to be Curriculum and Instruction Director


“Hey, Doc! Just got back from my interview for the Curriculum’s position!”

“Wow, that’s fabulous, Jana. How did the interview go?”

“It went well. The Superintendent—Interviewer— wanted to know if I fully understood the duties of a curriculum director. Of course, I have no direct experience, yet I understand the duties.”

“Of course, you do. . . How did you convince him?”

“I simply told him what I know, I rambled, ‘The curriculum director releases instructional and supervisory programs to provide effective educational programs. . . They regulate and coordinate abilities and efforts of staff to ensure effective instruction (I paused, then continued) . . . curriculum directors work closely with the superintendent, executing instructional matters. I am sure the duties are immense, I continued’. . . He then asked me how well I work with people—‘“

“Did you ramble on?” (laugh)

“I did.  I wanted him to know my understanding of curriculum and my ability of working with other people without my having to spill specific details unless he asked, so I described that a curriculum director’s duties entail working with other school leaders in planning curriculum development and in evaluating appropriateness of curriculum programs. I said to him as director I would have to work closely with principals and their staff.” . . .

. . . The superintendent appeared most impressed with my understanding of formulating school policies and disaggregating data. I told him I had attended seminars on developing policies but that mostly, on my own, I have read about the development of school polices, and I told him that disaggregating data was a team effort to include instructional leaders and teachers and sometimes parents. I said to him “I enjoy working with other people in this capacity.”

“Will you travel?”

“He said I must travel sometimes yet mostly I would attend conferences. He mentioned I would use a school car () for traveling and that stipends would facilitate my expenses.”

“Of course.”

“And, Doc, here is the best part: (she whispers) if I am confirmed as the curriculum director, the pay may be as much as $130T a year!”

“You are worth it: You are highly qualified and likable in my opinion. You deserve it. . . Wow, look at you, Jana, manufacturing your dream. Responsibilities of curriculum and instruction are vast, delicate, and regulatory. . . I am proud of you for applying for such a responsible position.”

“I know. . . I truly want this job. . . I was raised by my spiritual Mom who told me to apply for jobs that I love and God would give me the desires of my heart. I love the duties of curriculum.”

“I believe you will be offered the job, and I believe you will be the perfect curriculum director.”

“Thank you Doc.. . Well, nice to chat with you. . . Back to work now.”

All the best, Jana—curriculum director. The title suits you. (Jana exists with a glow, and Doc muses with a smile)

Cynthia Mathews, Ed.D.

Points to remember about curriculum:

(1) You must plan for the improvement of curriculum and for instruction.

(2) You must observe and evaluate the quality of curriculum taught and instruction executed.

(3) You must use ready-made data and local research to make curriculum decision.

(4) You must organize and direct special In-service education projects.

(5) You must interpret curriculum to the public and to the School Board of Education.

(6) You must be a people person. 

Source (Journal Educational Leadership)





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