How to Promote Students to Learn McClelland’s Way

How to Motivate Students to Learn McClelland’s Way Motivation tends to be that thingamajig that sparks action from people to conduct their will, and it does not appear to be a major consideration when asking people to do simple tasks, such as “sit up; complete your work.” Yet, motivation is the prime-key to eliciting the movementContinue reading “How to Promote Students to Learn McClelland’s Way”

How to Self-Regulate Learning

How to Self-Regulate Learning Hi, Susan. Hello, Doc. Break time. (laughs) No problem. Have a seat. (smiles) What are you doing? Analyzing student data, seeing that the learning standards continue to hang below expectations, especially among the races. The margins are wide: Baffling–(continues) Yes. fifty years of The Coleman Report (1950), the report to determine answers of theContinue reading “How to Self-Regulate Learning”

How to Motivate Staff through Performance Observation

How to Motivate Staff through Performance Observation Students putting their heads on desks is a sign that classroom and student management by the teacher needs to be addressed. “You cannot coerce a child to sit-up and work,” some may argue. If this scenario is the case, certainly something else more motivating for the students to persevereContinue reading “How to Motivate Staff through Performance Observation”

How to Manage Classroom and Students

Classroom and Student Management We can learn a lot from external experiences. Take a retail store’s checkout center, for example. When you go to a self-checkout lane and read “no cash” and a robotic voice asks you, “Do you wish to continue?” You have the option to touch the computer screen to respond “yes” orContinue reading “How to Manage Classroom and Students”

How to Cope with a Pandemic while Learning at School

  SIX TIPS for Coping with Learning During A Pandemic, by Dr. Cynthia Mathews, Classroom Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction Consultant, Educational Leadership Consultant, and Educational Blogger. Be Responsible by Understanding the Significance of a Pandemic. According to multiple reports of “Pandemic,” it shows a wide spread of a virus or disease. Usually the spread of the virus is around the world.Continue reading “How to Cope with a Pandemic while Learning at School”

How to Help our Sisters and Brothers

              How to Help Minority Students To my benevolent majority teachers, please accept my thanks in advance for your teaching our sisters and brothers. Thank you for being understanding of their lives and for having patience with their differences. Thank you for believing in them, knowing that they areContinue reading “How to Help our Sisters and Brothers”

How To Become a Triumphant Teacher, not Remain a Timid Teacher

Dr. Mathews’ Class 2010 Triumph vs Timid Teacher Hypothetical Test: True or False You move two-feet away when your towering, unkempt 6’5 robust, loud talking student approaches you. You avoid calling on a student whose head is on his desk to ask him to participate in a class activity because, to you, “at least heContinue reading “How To Become a Triumphant Teacher, not Remain a Timid Teacher”