Research Motivation and Strategies to Apply

The following is a review and synthesis work by Ames and Ames, 1984; Brophy, 1983; Cornp and Rohrkemper, 1985; Deci and Ryan, 1985; Keller, 1983; Keller, 1983; Kolesnik, 1978; Leper and Greene, 1978; Maehr, 1984; Malone, and Lepper and McCombs, 1984; Nicholls, 1984; Wolodkowski, 1978, and Mathews, 2020.   ( Cynthia Mathews is Doctor of CurriculumContinue reading “Research Motivation and Strategies to Apply”

Mathews’ Strategies for Student Management and Success

ABOUT: Cynthia Mathews is Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership. She conducts professional development workshops and teaches English in secondary education. Mathews is author of Cynthia Mathews on Curriculum and Instruction, A Nice and Nippy Discourse (letters for school leaders), GramSlam (grammar lessons), Life Is How You Punctuate It 2! (punctuation practice) andContinue reading “Mathews’ Strategies for Student Management and Success”

How to Help SPED Students

About Writer of this Post: Cynthia Mathews is a Doctor of Education per Curriculum and Instruction and Education Leadership. She is a school teacher of English secondary education, and she spends her time creating and conducting professional development workshops for educators. Mathews creates and promotes education forums, stage plays, and directs students in leadership. SheContinue reading “How to Help SPED Students”