Leaders Leading Learners

Could It Be? Could it be possible that instructional leaders make the mistake of explaining and illustrating lessons to learners too soon rather than extend the challenge for learners—at the optimal age—to explore answers on their own? Would it be feasible for instructional leaders to begin coaching elementary learners—fourth graders—for example—to ask questions so thatContinue reading “Leaders Leading Learners”

Before, During, and After Learning

Carol Moody, seasoned high school English teacher, illustrates a day of learning in her class. The student body consists of eighteen black students, three white students, and five Hispanic students. Today’s lesson is “Smart Goals.” BEFORE The students will watch a three-minute video on “smart goals” to help students plan goals with a path toContinue reading “Before, During, and After Learning”

Four Strategies to Motivate Students to Participate in Learning

Cynthia Mathews is Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership. Mathews is also a published author of education topics and a life-long learner who spends her leisure conducting professional development workshops and researching ideas for helping amotivated students to complete their classroom assignments. Mathews may be reached at lukeandlezz@gmail.com. INTRODUCTION: With so many studentsContinue reading “Four Strategies to Motivate Students to Participate in Learning”