About Dr. Cynthia Mathews

I am a person with ideas regarding methods to promote excellence among schools and their students. An avid reader of leadership literature, I apply the relevance of what I read to develop ideas to help others.

In essence, my blog focuses on concepts that pertain to education, personal development, and motivation. Motivation is the key of making any action happen.

On a personal level, I enjoy reading and writing and sharing the ideas from the learning I gain. 

I hope you, as reader, learn something new and useful  every time you visit my blog, and for new ideas in teaching and in leading, you may appreciate reading and learning from my books Cynthia Mathews on Curriculum and Instruction, A Nice and Nippy Discourse, Everybody Likes A Quickie, Life Is How You Punctuate It! 2, Book of Imperatives, Workbook: Book of Imperatives, GramSlam! and GramSlam!2 in Black and White

On a professional level, I have 20-plus years experience in writing and producing and directing special event programs–weddings, pageants, school-professional development workshops, and, years recent, plays.

I am also a teacher of English language arts.

Life is filled with love and joy when I am learning news things, especially when I am given the opportunity to share the love and joy with others.

Thank you for visiting my About page.

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