Self-Studying Learning Strategies

Self-Studying Learning Strategies Of course, students need to study the periodic table, important events in history, and basic functions of math. Likewise, students need to understand how to acquire information without expecting teachers to instruct lessons on a continuous basis. Students may employ life-learning strategies to appreciate their independence for learning. Three helpful learning strategiesContinue reading “Self-Studying Learning Strategies”

How to Motivate Teenagers to Learn

How to Motivate Teenagers to Learn In recent findings, Cognitive Neuroscience supports “yes” to rewards to enhance learning outcomes.  Agreeing, Murayama & Kitafami (2014) reveal that a modulation function by the reward network in the brain sponges on a lift to influence cognitive progress, and a number of motivational studies proves that reward systems in schoolsContinue reading “How to Motivate Teenagers to Learn”