Mathews 9 Learning Strategies

Mathews 9 Learning Strategies Dear Student, You are a special commodity. You makeup over 300 million people in America alone, and that makes you essencial to a special population, filled with a great number of people with unique minds and talents. Your personal gift is your own, and you can apply your gift to produceContinue reading “Mathews 9 Learning Strategies”

How to Apply Performance Based Learning to Instruction

How to Apply Performance Based Learning to Instruction It’s time for students to realize that they can take control of their own learning. No longer must they be spoon fed every step of the way by their teachers before they can successfully complete a particular assignment. Instead, students may receive only a general idea about aContinue reading “How to Apply Performance Based Learning to Instruction”

Why Talking Teacher Tenure Is Smart

Why Talking Teacher-Tenure Is Smart “Hey, Doc! Got a minute?” “Good morning, Ginger. Yes. I have time. How are you?” “Forgive me, but I have come to gossip.” (Smiles). “Okay. I will indulge: but keep to the facts”— “I saw it with my own eyes. . . Isn’t there a teacher tenure-reason for dismissal policy?”Continue reading “Why Talking Teacher Tenure Is Smart”