How to Motivate Teenagers to Learn

How to Motivate Teenagers to Learn In recent findings, Cognitive Neuroscience supports “yes” to rewards to enhance learning outcomes.  Agreeing, Murayama & Kitafami (2014) reveal that a modulation function by the reward network in the brain sponges on a lift to influence cognitive progress, and a number of motivational studies proves that reward systems in schoolsContinue reading “How to Motivate Teenagers to Learn”

How to Motivate Students to be Excellent

How to Motivate Students to be Excellent Research shares human traits as (1) intuitive (2) self-centered (3) emotional (4) social (5) MOTIVATED and (6) hopeful. If humans have these traits in common, is it not logical to infer that many students may be capable of learning better in school if they focused more on their humanContinue reading “How to Motivate Students to be Excellent”

How to Write a Nice and Nippy Letter

How to Write A Nice and Nippy Letter A Nice and Nippy Discourse was born through a face lift of Nice and Nippy Letters, my first book co-authored with Yuliya Grecu, my Russian mate, who soon became my beloved friend from afar. Yuliya proved to be the one person I could depend on when professional writing wasContinue reading “How to Write a Nice and Nippy Letter”