How to Manage Student Learning

As a teacher, you must apply the best management techniques that will help motivate your students to both behave and to learn during classroom instruction. While there are many teaching and learning techniques to choose from, the withitness and the ripple effect approaches are among the best classroom practices to follow. These technique work becauseContinue reading “How to Manage Student Learning”

How to Motivate Leaders to be Great

How to Motivate Leaders to be Great “Hi, Doc!” “Oh, hello, Samuel.” “Have you met our new school leader?” “No, not as of yet: I am hoping he will make rounds to personally introduce himself to his staff before the common staff meeting. . ..” “Yeah. That would be nice. I doubt it, though. Who doesContinue reading “How to Motivate Leaders to be Great”

How to Self-Regulate Learning

How to Self-Regulate Learning Hi, Susan. Hello, Doc. Break time. (laughs) No problem. Have a seat. (smiles) What are you doing? Analyzing student data, seeing that the learning standards continue to hang below expectations, especially among the races. The margins are wide: Baffling–(continues) Yes. fifty years of The Coleman Report (1950), the report to determine answers of theContinue reading “How to Self-Regulate Learning”

How to Motivate Staff through Performance Observation

How to Motivate Staff through Performance Observation Students putting their heads on desks is a sign that classroom and student management by the teacher needs to be addressed. “You cannot coerce a child to sit-up and work,” some may argue. If this scenario is the case, certainly something else more motivating for the students to persevereContinue reading “How to Motivate Staff through Performance Observation”

How to Manage Classroom and Students

Classroom and Student Management We can learn a lot from external experiences. Take a retail store’s checkout center, for example. When you go to a self-checkout lane and read “no cash” and a robotic voice asks you, “Do you wish to continue?” You have the option to touch the computer screen to respond “yes” orContinue reading “How to Manage Classroom and Students”

How to Help our Sisters and Brothers

              How to Help Minority Students To my benevolent majority teachers, please accept my thanks in advance for your teaching our sisters and brothers. Thank you for being understanding of their lives and for having patience with their differences. Thank you for believing in them, knowing that they areContinue reading “How to Help our Sisters and Brothers”

How to Appreciate all Students

How to Appreciate all Students Do not give up on your students by holding them in retention or by promoting them socially or by ignoring them through your teacher paid salary to teach them. Do not give up on your students by disdaining their appearance or skin color or latent language development. Do not giveContinue reading “How to Appreciate all Students”

How to Promote Improvement among Struggling Students

If you are a teacher or a curriculum administrator you probably spend significant time thinking about what you can do to help your struggling students in your school, for time and time again the school proposed curriculum—Common Core, A Plus, Online programs clearly rarely work for struggling students. Although the proposed curriculum programs serve asContinue reading “How to Promote Improvement among Struggling Students”