Bonus Points versus Academic Support

“It’s me again, Doc. Got a few minutes?” “Sure, Vivian. How are you?” “Grading papers: grades not so good.” “Thinking about reteaching?” “Of course, if necessary. I believe, though, students have knowledge of the standards.” “Perhaps that is the problem: Students have knowledge but not comprehension. Students usually must understand content well-enough to make B’sContinue reading “Bonus Points versus Academic Support”

How to Learn on Purpose: Fundamental Five

How to Learn on Purpose: Fundamental Five Below are the Key Components of FSGPT (frequent small group purposeful talk): FSGPT frequent small group purposeful talk is a practice that allows up to four students to talk about an assignment after the teacher has provided instruction on the topic of assignment. Some research stipulates many studentsContinue reading “How to Learn on Purpose: Fundamental Five”