How to Learn, Socialize at School during a Pandemic

PANDEMIC: CREATING INSTRUCTION with CREATIVITY  The time for creativity and student learning during the pandemic episode has risen its head with the explosion and augmented chances of school staff and students contracting COVID-19, a potentially deadly virus. In light of the pandemic, educators must consider taking earnest steps to practice precaution and safety measures toContinue reading “How to Learn, Socialize at School during a Pandemic”

How to Work through the Imperatives

Have you read Book of Imperatives? If you have you know of the benefits it provides for your soul—-contentment, nourishment, and joyfulness. Imperatives are important messages that you should think about to help the right decisions transpire when necessary. Although people are not always available to listen to you or to extend a common-sense word that willContinue reading “How to Work through the Imperatives”

How to Teach Grammar and Life Skills

How to Teach Grammar and Life Skills Educators do not always agree on skills that are important for students to know; many school systems remain within the traditional school setting governed by school districts, whereby the curricular departments focus on core subject areas of language, math, science, and history.  If studying an elective, some students may participateContinue reading “How to Teach Grammar and Life Skills”

How to Write a Nice and Nippy Letter

How to Write A Nice and Nippy Letter A Nice and Nippy Discourse was born through a face lift of Nice and Nippy Letters, my first book co-authored with Yuliya Grecu, my Russian mate, who soon became my beloved friend from afar. Yuliya proved to be the one person I could depend on when professional writing wasContinue reading “How to Write a Nice and Nippy Letter”

The Attention-Span of Student Learning

The Attention Span of Student Learning Going into academic years 2020 /2021 or any other academic instructional years, for that matter, how are you planning to command your students’ attention? What plans do you have to keep your students on task, and more importantly, how do you plan to motivate your students to complete theirContinue reading “The Attention-Span of Student Learning”

How to Appreciate all Students

How to Appreciate all Students Do not give up on your students by holding them in retention or by promoting them socially or by ignoring them through your teacher paid salary to teach them. Do not give up on your students by disdaining their appearance or skin color or latent language development. Do not giveContinue reading “How to Appreciate all Students”

How to Read MATHEWS Way

How to Read MATHEWS Way Move finger across lines while reading Activate attention span for understanding Think relatable personal experience Harness reasoning with “W” questions Expand vocabulary through defining words Withdraw reading to reflect on meaning Simplify reading one chapter at a time–daily. Curriculum and Instruction: Reading Mathews Way. According to United States Department of Education andContinue reading “How to Read MATHEWS Way”

How to Design Instruction to Help Struggling Students

How to Design Instruction to Help Struggling Students May we talk? What kind of instructional design do you believe is most appropriate to implement for struggling students’ learning? As a teacher, I have found that many models and ideas for learning are available for applying; yet, for me, the models that have proven to be helpfulContinue reading “How to Design Instruction to Help Struggling Students”

How to Reset Classroom Rules during COVID-19

. . Just being proactive until guidelines about teaching and managing students are made available through research. . . . . . Please feel free to share your comments below. . . How to teach in midst of COVID-19 In the past school year, if you have struggled with student management, dealing with almost everyContinue reading “How to Reset Classroom Rules during COVID-19”

How to use Skinner’s Theory to Motivate Students to Learn

“Come in, Mrs. Peters.” “I am sorry to bother you. I know it’s your break time, Doc, but I just had to remove myself from my class a moment.” “Is everything all right? You appear bothered.” “I am okay. My students, on the other hand, appear not to be. They are extremely unmotivated. I canContinue reading “How to use Skinner’s Theory to Motivate Students to Learn”