How to Manage School during COVID-19 Outbreak

How to Manage School during COVID-19 Outbreak


COVID-19 is a virus that can potentially destroy lives, and it continues to be a mystery of how the virus can be obliterated.

The virus may spread from person to person through spews of droplets if either person is without wearing a mask. Spread may also transpire if a mask becomes wet through excessive talking and laughing. Droplets can easily ooze through fabric, depending on quality of masks, especially when an infected person coughs, sneezes, laughs, yells, or talks. Any opportunity of an opened mouth invites the chance of intaking the disease into one’s system. One should also be careful to cover eyes and ears whenever possible, as these areas are sensitive to parasites.

Furthermore, research warns people to remain 6-feet apart from one another when they are in the same space.

Understanding the influence of COVID-19 is the first protective step to rally against the virus.

This awareness is especially important for schools that must manage a significant number of staff and students. Yet, for teachers, with student safety being paramount, teachers must make their classrooms safe and conducive for mingling and learning.

Under the threat of COVID-19, a plan to combat the detrimental effects of the virus must be posted where students and staff may recognize the warning signs and follow procedures to avoid health risks.

An example plan for managing and teaching during a pandemic is as follows:

(1) Draw bold red lines on floor for students not to cross.

(2) Greet students inside classroom, not at classroom door.

(3) Verbally add “urgency” to voice when sharing new rules to follow COVID-19 policy.

(4) Create assignments to include facts about COVID-19.

(5) Place in classroom yellow warning sign-posters about COVID-19-hygiene policy.

(6) Teach listening skills to support the “no talking” policy while teacher is instructing and while students are individually learning.

(7) Be normal as possible while teaching to maintain “trust” among students.

(8) Generate computer Standard based assignments to engage students.

(9) Denounce disruptive student-behavior immediately.

(10) Encourage wearing masks.

(11) Monitor students with vigilance.

(12) Teacher: Wear high quality masks for breathing tolerance.

(13) Suggest that students bring a small bottle of hand-sanitizer to keep at their desks for their own use.

(14) Warn students of the seriousness of their attitudes regarding COVID-19.

(15) Teach the virtue “faith” and apply its principle for both teacher and students.

Covid Management Rules developed by Cynthia Mathews, Ed.D. (2020)

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