How to Manage Student Learning

As a teacher, you must apply the best management techniques that will help motivate your students to both behave and to learn during classroom instruction. While there are many teaching and learning techniques to choose from, the withitness and the ripple effect approaches are among the best classroom practices to follow. These technique work becauseContinue reading “How to Manage Student Learning”

Bonus Points versus Academic Support

“It’s me again, Doc. Got a few minutes?” “Sure, Vivian. How are you?” “Grading papers: grades not so good.” “Thinking about reteaching?” “Of course, if necessary. I believe, though, students have knowledge of the standards.” “Perhaps that is the problem: Students have knowledge but not comprehension. Students usually must understand content well-enough to make B’sContinue reading “Bonus Points versus Academic Support”

Mathews 9 Learning Strategies

Mathews 9 Learning Strategies Dear Student, You are a special commodity. You makeup over 300 million people in America alone, and that makes you essencial to a special population, filled with a great number of people with unique minds and talents. Your personal gift is your own, and you can apply your gift to produceContinue reading “Mathews 9 Learning Strategies”